Body Composition Scan

Your health insurance provider may cover a DEXA scan.
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Body Composition Scan

BodyScan Ireland uses the very latest, medically developed DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) technology to quickly and accurately measure the amount of body fat, lean tissue and bone in each major part of your body – arms, legs and trunk.

That means you can set specific targets for body composition and track your progress.

The report does give information about your bone density but this is only an indication and not a definitive, diagnosable result - for that you would need to have a Bone Density Scan. Nevertheless, if the indication was unusually high or low then we would advise you to discuss the result with your GP, who may recommend that you have a bone density scan.


DEXA boasts accuracy, reproducibility, safety, speed, and simplicity. Having your body fat tested at regular intervals, especially during periods of dieting, can be a helpful tool on your journey. No other technique can match the accuracy of DEXA.  

You’ve seen the scales at gyms that claim to be able to read your body fat accurately (also known as bioelectrical impedance scales). You’ve seen skin-fold testing, in which a trained professional uses skin-fold calipers to pinch certain areas of the body, and measure the thickness of the fold.

Unlike mirrors, scales, skin-fold calipers and bio-impedance monitors, DEXA leaves nothing to tricks of the light, bad calibration, human error or what you had for lunch.


A scan takes approx. 10 minutes. You'll lie on a padded bed fully clothed, while the scanner passes over your body. You will not feel anything during the scan.
All you have to do is lie there and remain still.

DEXA uses a very low dose of ionising radiation (X-rays) to measure your body composition. It is equivalent to less than one day’s normal background radiation.

Although DEXA emits a very low amount of radiation, always inform the operator if there is a chance of pregnancy.

Once the scan is complete, a highly detailed report will be generated showing your precise body composition – fat, visceral fat, lean mass and bone – in each part of your body. The operator will explain your results to you in detail.

Your trainer or coach can also use the information in your body composition report to target specific areas for improvement when creating your training plan. Follow-up scans will track your progress.