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DXA is a highly accurate, medical-grade technology that uses a very low dose of ionising radiation (X-ray) to give a precise measurement of your body composition in 7 minutes. DXA is reliable, reproducible and accurate.

You can be confident that body fat and muscle changes are not the result of hydration, moisture, poor calibration or human error. which can be experienced in bio-impedance, BodPod, skin fold callipers and underwater weighing.

Whilst the same scanner is used for measuring bone density and body composition, they are different scan types.

Fat Loss

How much fat do you have exactly? DXA is the best way to get a highly accurate baseline measurement of body fat today and then track fat loss over time.

Visceral Fat Risk (Core Scan)

Usually referred to as 'bad' fat, visceral fat surrounds your internal organs and increases your risk of type-2 diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer and stroke. It increases rapidly with age but you can have dangerous amounts even in your twenties.

Muscle Gain

DXA measures lean body mass and shows if your muscle is evenly balanced on both sides and across arms, legs and trunk. Bodyscan will track how much muscle you gain, which is a slower and more variable process than fat loss.

Excellent experience. The scan itself was easy, Eoin was very friendly and explained everything really well. The breadth and depth of information is great and is really going to help me track and understand my progress. I've already recommended to friends."

Patrick S
Marathon Runner

Eoin was great - very knowledgeable and patient and took loads of time to explain the report in full. It’s much more detailed and useful that any other fat/muscle measure I’ve done before and will be the new key measure of progress in my training programme."

Will K

Thorough explanation with no judgement, would recommend."

Carol M
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