Pre-Scan Instructions:

Please read and adhere to the following instructions

1. Wear a single layer of light clothing without metal buttons, metal zips or metal wires. Gym clothes (shorts & t-shirt) are usually perfect. Remove all piercings if possible.

2. Do not eat for 4 hours before your scan. If your appointment is early morning - fast from 11pm the night before (Do not consume breakfast).

3. Do not take part in organised training or an exercise session of more than 20 minutes in the 12 hours before your scan.

4. Be well hydrated during the 2 days before your scan. Drink 500ml of water 1 hour before your scan. Empty your bladder 10 minutes before your scan and defecate if required.

5. Pregnancy: You cannot have a scan if you are pregnant, or if there is a possibility that you may be pregnant. You will be asked to confirm that the scan date is within 10 days of the first day of your last period.

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